Initiatic Publications- Book Launch

Vyavharic Aadhyatmikta (Practical Spirituality), Uttardayitv- Mata Pita aur Bujurgo ke (Responsibilities of Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents) 

Hello All,

We at Initiatic School are committed towards providing Psychological Counselling, Personality and Spiritual Transformation through conducting workshops, offering various courses, meditation sessions, group outings as well as publishing books which have the potential to transform an individual, family or group towards developing a holistic lifestyle and become a source of Joy & Healing within the society.

In this regard we select books very carefully and make them available in India in English and other Indian languages.

We are glad to present two titles authored by Master Torkom Saraydarian which are translated from English into Hindi language.

  • Vyavharic Aadhyatmikta (Practical Spirituality by Torkom Saraydarian)- 150 Rs.(paperback), 200 Rs. (hardbound)
  • Uttardayitv- Matha Pitha aur Bujurgo ke (Responsibilities of Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents by Torkom Saraydarian)- 150 Rs. (paperback), 200 Rs. (hardbound)

Those interested to read these books (Hindi) can contact me- 9000527696.

Note: Copies are limited.

Original book in English can be obtained from TSG Foundation- Practical SpiritualityResponsibilities of Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents



Sai Nandan Reddy,

Founder-Director, IS

































The two books were launched at Annual National Psychiatric Conference, which was inaugurated by Vice President of India, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, by Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Dr. M. S. Reddy, & Dr. Pramod Kumar


Ms. Anju Kumar,

Indian Foreign Service (IFS),

Joint Secretary,

Central Europe Division,

Ministry of External Affairs,

Government of India







Mr. Neelesh Kumar,

Indian Police Service (IPS),

Government of India









Mr. G. Narasimha Reddy, 

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Addl. DCP),

Siddipet (District), Telangana, 

Government of India









Sri Swami Satyanandji Maharaj,

Soham Ashram, Prayagraj









Dr. Sunil Mittal, Psychiatrist,

Former President IAPP and

Delhi Psychiatry Society








Dr. Roop Sidana, Sr. Psychiatrist












Mr. Sai Nandan Reddy, Founder-Director, Initiatic School

Dr. Bir Singh Yadav, MD, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Anju Yadav, MD, Consultant Radiologist








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Mr. Sai Nandan Reddy, 


Initiatic School, Hyderabad